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May 2015 update – For long time readers of my stories: Chapters 5, 6, and 7 of “Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend” and  Chapter 3 of “Porn Princess” are online here now, and I have 3 all new ones. The first series is called “Irresistible”, and there’s  my Graphic Novel style series, “I am Become…”, and a very twisted series called – “I’d Like To Thank The Academy”  sign up for free and read teasers here. 


  1. Hey, So I Found Your Stories On Literotica.Com And Coukdnt Stop reading Them. particularly NWTBYG, Which I Really Hope There Will Be More Chapters To Follow In The Near Future. i Can Honestly Say That Ive Never Had A Story OnThat Webaite Bring Me To Tears. I Was raped By A Family Member When I Was Groing Up (Not To That Extent) But It Made Me Just Connect With Andi. When I Read Your Bio And Saw That It Was Your Life Story I cried Again. 1 Because A Person Had To Endure That And 2 Because There Are Still People Out There That Are Going Through That. I Think You’re An Amazingly Strong Perso For Survivng That Ordeal I Guess What I Wanted To Say Is Thank You For Writing.

  2. I love your stories, especially Porn Princess! I can’t wait to read what happens to Kendra next. Please keep writing! You are so talented!

  3. hey girl, long time since we communicated. if you don’t remember, that’s ok. I first found your stories on literotica and then I contacted you about your comic cons n’at. n’at is a term we use here in western Pennsylvania, mainly in the Pittsburgh area 😛 I saw that you posted in lit again after a hiatus, neat. I hope everythings working out for you there. hope to hear from you again.


    by the way, is it me or does the otaku lady in black in the upper right part of the screen look like taylor swift? 😛

    • Ugh, Taylor Swift? I kinda thought the girl in the picture looked a bit like me. I have no use for Taylor Swift…. Wait. That’s not true… I would definitely shove a cock gag in her trap, and leave her bound on the side of Santa Monica Blvd, with a sign that read, “Fuck Taylor Swift! Literally.” and leave a live streaming camera there so the world could finally receive some joy from Taylor Swift.

      • I think you’d like that, yourself. I’d drive right by Taylor Swift she activates my gag reflex. But you…you I would stop for. : )

  4. I love all of your stories. I have read them all more than once, and they arouse me more and more as I reread them. Thanks for taking the time to share your beautifully twisted mind with the world. I can’t wait for the continuation of Porn Princess and NWTBYG.

  5. Hypnotically intriguing right down to every little erotic detail. Each story only gets better and more intense and every story is a page turner that you just can’t put down. Very impressed here Andrea, you have me hooked and have got yourself a lifetime member here as far as I am concerned, YOU GO GIRL!!!

  6. I’ve been around. I’ve read every feminization story anyone’s posted to the internet in the past 5 years, and Andi’s stories are the only ones I come back to again and again and again. The writing and the stories and the characters are so visceral and present that I get hard within seconds, and generally end up closing everything else and finishing to a story I’ve read 100 times. I found her stories on Literotica for free but founf out about this place and ended up plopping down a measly $5/month, not just to support perhaps the most erotic writer I’ve ever encountered, but because there was just so much more content and signing up ensures even more will come.

    If you’re like me and you love a good forced feminization story as much as the next guy, take my word for it. These are the best stories you’ll find (and they’re pretty long too. I takes me about a week to get through one part of one story cause I can’t get through it without finishing). And especially if you’ve read and enjoyed these stories as much as me, subscribe! ‘Never Wanted to Be Your Girlfriend’ just gets sexier and sexier.

    Now what are you waiting for! Stop reading this and go sign up! It’s like… the price of half a sandwich at Panera for countless nights worth of super erections. Go! Subscribe! It’s worth it!

    • Wow! Thank you! It’s comments like this that make all the work I put into everything seem worth it.

  7. Love all of your stories – especially Porn princess.
    Will there be any updates in the neear future?

  8. Same as below I found NWTBYG on literotica it was by large margin the hottest story I’v ever read and helped confirm my long running argument with myself to transition from CD to trans thank you

    • Wow. I’m honored to be a part of your new life. May it be utterly amazing every day! xoxo

  9. Absolutely loved your writing. Hottest stories I’ve ever read. 5 years later I can still remember them! Shame they aren’t on Literotica any more :(

    (Is it bad that i always wanted to be used like the girls in NWTBYG & Porn Princess!?)

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