And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too…


No new erotic chapters, just a new chapter in the saga of your favorite lunatic:

So, new doctor, new diagnoses. Still seeking other opinions, but it’s looking like I’m Bipolar….apparently, which makes sense. I knew there was something wrong with me, beyond just trauma and the like. And my life has just been chaos mostly, it’s just a coincidence that the symptoms appeared not long after I went through a horrific period in my life.

  • My mania produces optimism, and actual progress on creative endeavors.
  • My tailspins just destroy me, and my life falls apart.

It’s been rough sledding this past year. I experimented with going off hormones for a while to see if it would tame my emotions…. it didn’t… made them worse, and then starting them back up again just pushed me over the edge. I finally broke completely, and attempted to take my own life on my 26th birthday. Which landed me in the hospital, and a mental care facility for a few months, which just adds to my anxiety as all my co-workers, and  classmates, now know I’m batshit crazy. (I did get this really sexy scar out of the whole deal, though… so that’s somethin’)

The good news is; I’m on medication for it now.

The downside to the meds is that, so far, they just turn me into a zombie.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I can’t seem to write in this medicated state. I can’t write when depressed. I can’t reach mania without stopping the meds, and the fear of sinking into another crushing depression if I attempt to do so just has me paralyzed.

Sorry your favorite erotic writer is such a loon. I don’t know when new chapters will appear.  Just thought you deserved to know.


(Also, Pink Floyd… why did it take me this long to discover these guys?? Mind blown.)


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  1. The balancing act of side effects versus benefits from taking or not taking meds is one of the more stressful parts of BP. Actually having to live life while your perception and or capability is altered while your doctor plays Dial-A-Mood with your brain. Anyway, I wish you good luck and hope you find a good treatment that works for you.

    And Pink Floyd is the shit. What’s your favorite song? I could listen to Welcome to the Machine on repeat all day.

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