Some Sexy and FAPtastic Links

K’s Vice [Milda7’s Manga’s are all very hot]
Fetish Doll [Love this little Manga]
Sapphire Foxx [Sapphire Foxx has some really great forced femme animations and comics]
ANBU MASARU’S Trick or Treat [A twisted Manga anthology series. It’s in Japanese, so it’s hard to follow. And it reads right to left like all Japanese Manga, but I like it. WARNING: I’m pretty fucking weird.]
parts 1&2: Delicious Night and Holy Night
parts 3&4: Frantic Night and Sweet Home


T-girls I Like.

Jesslyn Jensen and her awesome metal band Rogue Arsenal \m/ (update: Jess has gone totally stealth, and doesn’t like anyone bringing up her past, so don’t mention it)
Chloe Brown
Jazmin Lee

Definitely more to come… I Hope.

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