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I think I found a better medication solution for my bipolar battiness. I’ve been dipping my toes into writing again. Working on a new chapter of The Sissy Paradox. 

My normie friends who know I’m trans have been asking me incessantly what my thoughts were about “Euphoria” and TBH after finding “Transparent” utterly banal and offensive, I was reluctant to even watch another mainstream show embraced by the normies that featured a trans character, but since it also dealt with bipolar disorder I thought I’d at least give her a spin….


….and WOW. Just absolutely BEAUTIFUL traumatic, dark, so on point, and at the same time maddeningly triggering on multiple levels. I’m so happy this show exists. I’m itching for the holiday specials and a season 2. I adore Rue and Jules. I identify so hard with both of them. And their love breaks my heart wide open on every level.


More shows like this, please.




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