There’s a place for sissies in society. A perfect place especially in light of the metoo movement. Men want to be respectful to their wives and girlfriends, but they have this depraved animal living inside them. This misogynistic need to degrade, humiliate, and defile the female form. And in an age where women are realizing they don’t need to put up with this shit, a vacuum has been created. Nature abhors a vacuum. This is where sissies are ideally suited to fill that vacancy perfectly. All the things cis women hate about men and their sexual depravity, sissies crave.

So in an alternate reality, right now, the man-woman relationship dynamic has shifted. Every loving couple owns a sissy. Whether they groomed her, transformed her, and put her into service themselves, or purchased one from a Sissy Mill that trains and transforms them theirselves. In this reality, sissy betas are easily identified, removed from the dating pool, and forced into a new life as a sissy servant. If they can afford to pay for the entire training and body transformation themselves, then upon graduation they can choose whether to serve a couple, or do whatever they please with their new body and programming. But if they cannot pay, the Mill pays for everything, and then sells the newly minted sissy on the open market. And the market serves not only private interests but also the legalized prostitution industry, pony girl stables, both mainstream and fetish modeling agencies, the porn industry, and all manner of different fetish clubs. By law, the sissy must be allowed to work off the debt the purchaser incurs. And in 10 years the debt is paid off, and the sissy is free to go. She’s still young and hot enough at 28-36 to go to college and pursue her own endeavors. Maybe join the workforce as a secretary and company cock sleeve. Sissies obviously don’t have the same rights as everyone else. They are always seen as sex toys, and reside at the bottom of the social structure.

The advantages for cis women are numerous. Firstly removing these beta bois from the dating pool increases their chances of landing a real man, and drastically decreases the chances they’ll end up marrying a pathetic beta masking as an alpha only to find out later on that they were fooled by a damn sissy. [there is a contingency in the new laws that allows for a no contest divorce that awards all assets to the wife, and the sissy is taken into custody and delivered to a Sissy Mill for training and body mods. The sale of said sissy on the open market is split 50/50 with the former wife. Or she may request that the sissy be assigned to her household free of charge. (The government compensates the Mill for the loss of income)]

Other perks cis-women will enjoy are that they gain a maid to do all the housework and chores, and a hot young pussy licker to take care of their needs in that department. Needs their men are either too arrogant to be bothered with, or are just completely inept at performing. Sissies are however well trained in making cis-women cum, and they live for the pat on the head and the “good girl” that follows – or the hard slap in the face and the order to get back to cleaning (whichever the lady prefers). The other benefit is that they are no longer subjected to the depravities of their men – those toxic male traits that always eventually end the relationship. All toxic male traits are now directed at the sissy servant who has been programmed to crave them all, whether they had a natural craving or not.

The advantages for alpha males is obvious. As far as sissies are concerned, anything goes. They are legalized living sex toys to be used for male pleasure and entertainment. Owning multiple sissies is a status symbol, as statistically the number of sissies per capita is rather small, making them a rare and valuable item.

There is of course a clear distinction between Trans women, NB and GF individuals, and sissies. The former are granted the same rights as everyone else. Sissies, of course, are not. The gay community is largely unaffected by the new laws as the distinction between effeminate gay men and sissies has been
well established.

Single men are allowed to apply for a permit to train their own sissy privately, complete with the same 10 year indentured servant contract. The contract may be sold at any point to anyone.

Sissies are even permitted to marry, however; sissy brides sign a lifetime contract, and in the event of the death of their husband, their contract falls to his next of kin. Should there be no will, or next of kin, the sissy is sold at auction. In the case of divorce, the sissy shall remain as property and slave to their man, and any cis wife he may take in the future. If the man’s new wife is a sissy bride, the man shall now have two servants. The shrewd men of wealth and power train and marry their own sissies to obtain those lifetime contracts, which are of course exponentially more valuable than the 10 year variety, and can be sold at anytime to anyone.

Cis women and trans women are also free to train, own, and marry sissies, with all the same rights as their male counterparts.

This alternate reality has its perks for sissies, but is, of course, still crafted to serve men and their interests, and grant cis women and trans women the illusion of control and respect.

This is the world of The Sissy ParadoxLet me know in the comments if you want to hear more Tales from the Sissyverse

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