I’m still alive…


No, seriously, it was touch and go there for a little bit, but I’m alive and well….

Well, sort of. I’ve been back in therapy trying to figure out why I’m such a basket case, and I’m having some breakthroughs. Turns out one of the things keeping me from finishing chapters is my obsession with making each one epic. So I’ve decided to scale them down a little bit, make them shorter so I can start getting a feeling of accomplishment when I finish one, rather than the overwhelming dread and pressure of having not finished any in forever.

I’ve got new chapters in the works for NWTBYGF, ILTTTA, I am Become… and Irresistible. And I will endeavor to have at least one new chapter on one of my stories uploaded every month.



Also, I realize some of you have been fans since the days I used to post pictures of myself online… (What the hell was I thinking??) So a few of you know kinda what I look like. But for those who have inquired… no, I’m not the glowy ‘scientology” girl on “Runaways.” Her nose is cute and tiny, and she’s wayyyyyy prettier and younger. But I’m flattered so many have asked cuz she’s super pretty. For the record. I don’t act; have no aspirations to act…. can barely leave the house without a quiver of anxiety… So stepping in front of a camera and letting everyone see into me — not gonna happen.


So, in the future, if you think it’s me…. it’s about a 99.9% chance it is definitely not me. (Except for like 2 seconds of an obscure web-only Capital One commercial my ex-bf directed way back in the day… That actually was me. If you have a quick enough eye/brain thing to where you can register that it’s even vaguely me, kudos to you.)


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  1. Andi,

    I’m so so sorry to hear about your troubles. Mental health is a bitch, and believe me I would know.

    I think I can speak for everyone here when I say that we all love you very much, and owe you a lot for your amazing work. I know your writing changed me as a person in an incredibly positive way, opening up new avenues of sexual exploration that I had never even dreamed of before.

    If you ever need to talk, vent, get an second opinion, or just shoot the shit, I am here for you.

    All the love <3,

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