A New World

Children socialize outside the barn that serves as a performance center at the camp.

In just the oddest way these articles on Transgenderism that popped up completely randomly on different news feeds all made me cry tears of joy. I have a hope that as these kinds of things continue, one day we’ll no longer be judged so harshly for something that is so clearly beyond our control. [Although the sci-fi enabled social scientist in me is terrified of how the brain scan could be used for evil.]


Transgender Brain Scans

You are You Camp

Portraits of Trans Kids

Girl Scouts Welcomes Transgendered Girls.

Yet Another Trans Girl Wins Homecoming Queen (so glad my win never made the news like this. I think I would have died.)



  1. Damnet Andi! I come here for one reason, but you always somehow make me think. There’s a lot of fucking awful people in the world, but history is on your side, I think we all are too. And don’t tell me two of these stories didn’t melt your heart.

    • I hope you understood that those were tears of JOY. That these things give me hope.

      • I… did not. But now that you say that, it makes much more sense. These were very positive articles, and tears of joy fit the schema.*backs out slowly…. unembarrassed*

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