So, I have a new Muse (it’s a girl this time) and she’s amazing, and so as it happens my creative juices are flowing freely once again.

Just so you know what my process is. I’m usually disappointed in my own sequels, mainly because by the time we get to them we’re just continuing the story, and the big seduction/change over whatever you want to call it has ended. So trying to capture that same thrill as the initial story is hard. So I spend a lot of time musing to myself about where the story can go, and where I might find opportunities to capture that same rush as the initial inciting incident.  And so, many of my tales stall-out as it usually takes a lot of time and thought to discover those opportunities, and then figure out how to exploit them. Lovers who are into role play, and who feed my need to explore all facets of both my submissive and dominate personas ignite my passion, which leads to hot stories. My new SO is all of that in spades… and so the stories shall flow once more.

disclaimer: I take no responsibility for FAP related injuries, comas or deaths, so please, FAP responsibly.

edit…. it didn’t last. My inspiration died with the relationship, sorry for the false alarm.




  1. I am happy for you. I am very empathetic with your bio. You are amazing, very precious, and deserving of understanding and love. I just want be a supportive influence so I am very happy for you.

  2. Upon further review, I think I’m gonna keep my sex life private from now on… It’ll keep the egg off my face….not that there’s not plenty of room on it for egg now, since my face will be free of other runny things now that this BF is now and ex as well…. FML

  3. ????? This BFN is now and ex as well???? I am in the dark here. I’m just glad the juices are flowing. ( double entendre). Its the stories we crave so if your sex life is the reason for the creative sprit. You go girl! Don’t need to know the details, only need to know you have foind the inspiration you need to write.
    Oh I bet you are cute with egg on your face and other runny things.
    In edged anticipation of your next chapters.
    A fan and supporter.

  4. Sorry to hear things didn’t work out with the new muse, their loss. Turn them into a little pantyboy in a new story to get back at them! Keep on searching little unicorn and I’m sure you’ll find a new muse in no time :)

  5. I am so pleased by your growth as a person and creative force. I wish I could be more than just your pervy old uncle, and a loving mentor. ❤️

  6. I have had a relationship online with just such a man…for over a year. I was doing everything I could to bring us together geographically. Suddenly, he just stopped communicating. mid-phone call. His domineering (should-be EX- wife ) called on the other line and…. here I am.

    We are both creative and write…. on the website I found you on. But I am more relationship stable. I saved your file. …maybe it will help him find his way back to us.

    BTW. … id LOVE to see IRRESISTIBLE have a 2nd chapter…. and the two accidentally fall in love….. Franklin wasn’t aware he was *capable* of the emotion… but Katie is…. irresistible!

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