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So the reason I left Literotica has finally completed it’s cycle. A mob composed of uncreative and undeserving contributors has finally won. They used to just 1-star bomb my stories that were more popular than theirs, hate comment, and send nasty feedback about how unbelievable my works were and how uncreative my prose was. They would complain to the editors that my stories didn’t belong in the transgender category, and so forth. But now that they’ve realized that they possess neither the talent nor proliferation of tales enough to actually get people to pay even a tiny sum to read them, and have therefore decided that I shouldn’t be allowed to proceed in doing so myself. So they’ve nuked my Literotica presence and managed to get Porn Princess completely removed. I received this today.

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“Reader’s feelings”. READER”S FEELINGS?!!?!!?? I didn’t break the rules. I just decided my writing had grown into an area not easily categorized on Literotica under the heading Transgender stories. So, I left both published chapters up, and decided to continue the saga here. (I removed NWTBYG Ch5 because of the shitstorm of hate mail I got over it, and I didn’t want to deal with the backlash, cuz crying is no fun for me.) I really fail to see the distinction between promoting my offsite project through my profile (which I did) and promoting through actually giving away some of my work for free, with the option to read-on at this site where a months full of titillation costs you less than you’d pay for a single lunch.

What everyone is forgetting is that I wrote for that site for free for over a year with no intention of ever charging for my stories… That is until my page reads began exploding into 6 figures. Reads and re-reads, and the constant demand from readers that I finish a new chapter. If my writing is so addictive that one must know how the story ends, then I must be doing something right. I must be a talented storyteller. And talented storytellers deserve to be paid for their works. I’m making peanuts on this site. I’m not making anything even approaching a living wage. It’s barely enough to keep the site running, and, occasionally, buy myself a nice dinner. Is that so much to ask?

I give you people orgasms. We’re not talking about Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones where you are just entertained. I’m inducing physical fucking pleasure, and I am not asking that much in return. The creators of the shows I mentioned are now rich. And while, I give more bang for your buck than you can get almost anywhere else, and I do it well; I’m a starving artist. I don’t advertise in any way except for the free ecstasy you get at Literotica. But Laurel and Manu have decided that they don’t want to be used for those ends. Despite what I have given in return. And that is their right. But I just needed to vent.

Since my BF and I broke up and I’ve had to try living on my own in LA, it has been a constant struggle. I have to work longer hours to pay my bills and I’m exhausted by the time I sit down to give energy toward my passion, which is writing. It is not bringing me the happiness it once did, and I’m seriously considering giving up on it altogether.

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update 9-14-17 – then this happened…. same reason given. :/

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  1. I’ve been meaning to leave a comment here for a while but everytime I got here my mind tended to wander to…other things hah

    Anyways, I had always wondered what the whole story was with you and literotica, I was completely out of the loop up until some days ago, I didn’t even know you had your own site! I remember when I noticed that the “porn princess” story disappeared I thought something was going on because coincidentaly one other TG story from another author was removed at about the same time, which hasn’t been added back.

    I hope you can find the passion and drive to come back to writing, must not be fun at all to do it without any stimulation. And too bad about your breakup :(

    Out of curiosity, is it any hard to find a job as a transgender on the US ? Here in my country it can be really really hard :/

    ps; A bit off-topic but I have so many questions, I always thought that that part about your story being partly autobiopic was just part of the whole fantasy, after I read your bio here and noticed that it was really about you…oh my god, what you must have been through….I honestly couldn’t read it past the 3rd chapter even before knowing it, a few days ago I just skipped everything and read the 6th just hoping for some closure.

    • Thank you for your condolences. I’m slowly getting over it. I’m actually working on NWTBYG 7 right now and slowly getting over my breakup.

      As for the job thing, in some states its really hard. Here in California its not really an issue. This is a very liberal state, and West Hollywood is a very gay and trans friendly area which is why I live here, despite the high cost. And I’m very passable, so most employers don’t even notice or even inquire as to my status as trans. I’m one of the very lucky few in that regard.

      • No problem, you must have some pretty mixed emotions while writing it I wonder!

        Awesome, having to deal with that on top of everything else would be really poopy…

  2. I wondered about the absence of Porn Princess, as it’s been one of my go-to stories on that site for quite a while. Sucks that things played out this way, and literotica is a lesser place for your having left it. On the upside, now I can give you a few bucks and get your stories direct!

    Don’t abandon writing; you’re pretty damn good at it. Keep it close, visit when the mood and energy level are right. This isn’t a newspaper and you’re not on a deadline. 😉

    As for the haters and the drama and the rest? We can’t control the world; we can only control how we respond to it. (Took me a long time to figure that one out haha)

  3. Keep your chin up girly, we’re all rooting for ya!

    If you ever need a change of scenery, go to Austin Texas, you’ll absolutely love it

    • Thanks. I have some friends there. So, I’m definitely considering a trip. But… Texas scares me… a little.

  4. Wow. I guess the erotic writers on Literotica are becoming like the mafia, trying desperately to kill off their best competition. Or, perhaps, some readers were so addicted that they crack-raged against you, hoping you would choose to post the new chapters for free. By the way, the site admins and complainers were wrong. Those chapters were not “teasers” and your works were always in the correct category. So I would like to offer a donation of $100 and will figure out to get it to you. This is because I was once a starving writer and have published on Literotica myself under Lowie1. (I live in Philly, but visit Austin often.) Perhaps a check or money order? I am also an annual member of this site. With a little monetary incentive, you can take a day or two off and finish chapter 7 (and maybe 8) of your seminal semi-autobiographical masterpiece: NWTBYG.
    By the way, I found it weird that a writing based essay website did not use correct grammar in their message to you. (ie. “teasers”.) where the period is supposed to be inside the quotation marks. Bad admins deserve bad writers. Literotica is starting to suck. Also, when in Philly, look me up. I have two bedroom condo in Rittenhouse Square. If you need to blow up steam, maybe my wife and I could put you up and we can go drinking and dancing.

    Warmest regards,
    Brianna Alexis

    • Aww thank you so much for your kind words and support. I hate that I really need to hear things like this, but it really helps to know that my writing affects people so positively. I’m a little teary eyed. I really appreciate the support. I’ll PM you later when i have time. Checking this on my phone.

  5. I loved your stories the second I started reading them, Porn Princess my favourite; but I love all your stories. Things always get better, so don’t lose hope. Cause you seem like an awesome woman.

  6. Hi Andi, so sorry to hear of all the hard times you are going through right now. I love all your works so much I bought an annual to send 40 dollars your way even having read them all. I know that isn’t much in southern Cali since I’m coming from Santa Barbara myself; but after the hard work you’ve put in and the way Literotica treated you I thought that it might cheer you up at least a little. I wrote there too, and was starting a series and a few short stories; but after all the 1 star bombs I just got bored and left too. Oddly enough after the coarse of a year and having been bombed down long enough that they were not going to win any prizes I guess a few of them did eventually reach hot status. As far as life stories go I didn’t go through anything close to what you must have but being intersexed and having started to T-Girl myself against my will at puberty… I can identify a bit as it caused me plenty of problems and heartache. I was actually rattled quite badly by NWTBYG as that was very painful to read and can not even begin to imagine what you must have gone through and am extremely sorry to know of your pain and suffering.

    Well I hope things are going better for you since your recent breakup and all the unnecessary Literotica nonsense the haters put you through. I’m looking forward to reading more of your works whenever you feel motivated or rested up enough to keep writing them. Seldom are there people creative as you that can write in the way that the reader just can’t stop turning pages. I’d be really sad if you ever put a talent as special as the one you have to rest when you have so much more to offer than most others. Don’t give up and remember that the only ones of us that ever catch their dreams are those of us crazy enough to try and catch them! Hoping this found you well, -BlackandWhiteKnight

    Oh yeah that’s my user name at as well “BlackandWhiteKnight”, if you dare go back there, you can read a few stories I wrote in the ‘Erotic horror’ section and they are pretty warped and twisted much like yours. I’m currently writing one for you but only have a few pages written so far and that one will be a forced feminization story since it is specifically for you. Its about a guy that goes to a fat camp and gets sponsored by a magazine but does not know that as he loses the weight that some of the weight is going to stay as he goes from a fat young man and becomes a skinny young woman. You might tell me where to send it when I finish it.

  7. So that’s the story. It makes me sad, I just recently read up to chapter four of I Don’t Want to Be Your Girlfriend. I wanted to read more of it and come here. I don’t have the finances right now to get a subscription. I do love what I have read so far and im very sorry to see that was a true story of your life. I hope you can recover

  8. Andi, I have been posting on Lit for years and have had a few stories rejected which I had to re-edit to meet their rigid posting guidelines. I also receive a lot of criticism, a lot of it personal (even though the person does not even know me) and most of it from Anonymous, faceless, cowards or from people who have never even attempted to write a single word. I sympathise with your plight. Just a suggestion and you probably already have but anyway try Fictionmania, it’s a Trans story site and likely very conductive to your works. I find the feedback there is generally more constructive. Love your work by the way xxx Michele

  9. Hey, I know this is old news, but I just got here from the story you still had up at lit (Lesser of Two Evils (just exquisite)) and wanted to say how terrible it is you’ve been treated so poorly.
    I’m glad you had this forwarding address in your profile though. You seem like someone whose work I need to know.
    Hope you’re doing better now.

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