I’m Andi – a nerdy T-girl from Los Angeles, California, and I’m obsessed!  

I’m otaku for Manga, Cosplay, and especially Erotica. More to the point, I’m obsessed with a very small subset of the Erotica universe called FORCED FEMINIZATION. I devour any, and all, Forced Femme FAP Captions, Illustrated Stories, and Written Erotica. I love Sissies, Trannies, Fem Boi’s, Closet Cases; you name it.  If you fantasize about being forced to dress like a girl, or being turned into one, then I LOVE YOU and your twisted little mind! I feel like we’re all magical little unicorns trying to find our place in a world that believes we’ve gone extinct… or worse yet, that we are a myth.

I’m here to make you all feel loved and accepted. But most of all I want you to feel sexy. Cuz that’s what you are! So I’ve decided to make a place that expresses my obsessions in the hope that they will inspire you… as well as turn you on.


Oh, The Mouth On Her!


So, after my post on my effective methods of sustainable anal sex, I've been getting inquiries as to when I would do a similar piece about oral sex. So... here it goes.

I came to a realization about

Shiny Happy People


Anyone who knows me IRL knows about my obsession with latex clothing. I love, love, LOVE latex! I love the way it feels and looks when it’s shined. It really is like a second skin. You feel even the

Butt Secks: The Easy Way.

Andi's Saturday night

Anal Sex is so simple - just bend over and let it happen right? Well, it's not that simple. There are a LOT of factors at play here. The following is everything you ever wanted to know about anal sex,

Paralyzing Shyness


As you might know from my bio I'm a big nerd, and I'm also socially... inept. But I think I finally found a way of explaining my personality in a way that will make sense to everyone. And I have a little