I’m Andi – a nerdy T-girl from Los Angeles, California, and I’m obsessed!  

I’m otaku for Manga, Cosplay, and especially Erotica. More to the point, I’m obsessed with a very small subset of the Erotica universe called FORCED FEMINIZATION. I devour any, and all, Forced Femme FAP Captions, Illustrated Stories, and Written Erotica. I love Sissies, Trannies, Fem Boi’s, Closet Cases; you name it.  If you fantasize about being forced to dress like a girl, or being turned into one, then I LOVE YOU and your twisted little mind! I feel like we’re all magical little unicorns trying to find our place in a world that believes we’ve gone extinct… or worse yet, that we are a myth.

I’m here to make you all feel loved and accepted. But most of all I want you to feel sexy. Cuz that’s what you are! So I’ve decided to make a place that expresses my obsessions in the hope that they will inspire you… as well as turn you on.


A Perfect Pile of Poop


So... over the past 6 months the boyfriend and I have decided that I'm fucking crazy, and maybe we should take another break from each other... so I've been getting my life together, finding a new place,

Oh, The Mouth On Her!


So, after my post on my effective methods of sustainable anal sex, I've been getting inquiries as to when I would do a similar piece about oral sex. So... here it goes.

I came to a realization about

Shiny Happy People


Anyone who knows me IRL knows about my obsession with latex clothing. I love, love, LOVE latex! I love the way it feels and looks when it’s shined. It really is like a second skin. You feel even the

Butt Secks: The Easy Way.

Andi's Saturday night

Anal Sex is so simple - just bend over and let it happen right? Well, it's not that simple. There are a LOT of factors at play here. The following is everything you ever wanted to know about anal sex,

Paralyzing Shyness


As you might know from my bio I'm a big nerd, and I'm also socially... inept. But I think I finally found a way of explaining my personality in a way that will make sense to everyone. And I have a little