A Perfect Pile of Poop


So… over the past 6 months the boyfriend and I have decided that I’m fucking crazy, and maybe we should take another break from each other… so I’ve been getting my life together, finding a new place, and a new job, moving out, and haven’t had time to write. My apologies for the lull in hot stories, but the BF was kinda my muse, and now I’m just depressed all the time. I will try to update your favorite tales soon.  In the meantime, everyone always asks if the girl in the blue wig on the right over there is me. The answer is “no”, that is a picture of the amazing Tifa – a gorgeous model as well as a truly gifted hair and makeup artist you can see her work here on deviantart.  She makes me hurt inside cuz I wish I was this pretty, and I marvel at how she just seems to transform with each look. She’s my favorite unicorn.

Wish I had more to tell you, but instead Imma go get hammered and try not to dwell so much on my life falling apart.



sigh Tifa, marry me and make me your slave.




  1. Hun,

    Dont let yourself get down about your love life, things tend to work out one way or the other when you keep your head up and keep on going (believe me I know!). Just think positive, pour your heart into your writing and maybe smoke a little weed when your feeling down lol. I know that so many people enjoy your site and everything you put out there. I personally love your crazy dirty mind and anyone who doesn’t see how sexy and amazing you are isn’t worth making you upset. Relationships can get just as hard as cocks *blushes* and when they both get hard “fuck them” *giggles* chat me up online sometime if you need someone to talk to at all. Love you :)

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