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The Sissy Paradox (new)

You’re either an alpha, or you’re something else.

 Never Wanted To Be Your Girlfriend

Loosely autobiographical account of how I became who I am.

* may be too dark for some readers. My life is kinda like that

Porn Princess

Dan just wanted to get revenge on his asshole boss. If you go on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

Lesser of Two Evils

If you are not careful, you will eventually have to make a choice between two horrible fates.


Sexy  story of a young man, who just couldn’t resist trying on his Bride-to-be’s wedding dress, and the fate that befalls him for doing so.

I Am Become…

A Twilight Zone-esque, graphic novel type Anthology series, narrated by my alter ego. (If I could draw, this would be a Graphic Novel)

I’d Like To Thank The Academy

In the Kentucky Hills there’s a school where bad boys become good girls.


Magic Carnivale  (coming at some point…maybe)

Where you might want to think twice before following that sexy lady into her tent.

  • Chapter 1 (coming at some point)

Caption Inspired Stories (coming at some point…maybe)

A short story one-off series based of my favorite FAP captions.

  • Clarissa (coming later)









  • Monika (coming later)









  • Ryan (coming later)






  1. I know most of you have my email address, so I get your feedback there, but the comments here are mostly for those unsure if my stories are any good at all. So feel free to comment here on this page as well.

  2. I check almost daily to see if you’ve posted anything new (This is just the first time I’ve scrolled down to the comments), and I imagine that there are a number of other people who do the same. You are a tremendous writer and I am eager to read whatever you publish next.

  3. Excellent erotic fiction. Only fairly recently got into Forced Feminization/ Sissification and Porn Princess on Literotica instantly went to the top of my favorites list. Followed you here and I’ve enjoyed reading your other works just as much. Looking forward to everything you have in store for the future.

  4. These stories are crazy hot!!! Well written, some of… if not the best Forced Feminization/ Sissification stories.

  5. I have read your stories since I discovered literotica and believe You’re a very good writer, not only talented with words but young and beautiful… I have some credit card troubles and cannot subscribe at the moment, but I’ll keep on checking your place. Grettings from Mexico, honey!

  6. I have really been enjoying your stories over at Andi but I can’t get the membership on this website. :(

    • I can’t, without spoiling the rest of the story… fans wanted Andi to get revenge, so I made that happen… but I didn’t get anything really close to revenge till much later… and it was pretty sad… She got what she had coming, but it wasn’t nice, and didn’t make feel good at all.

      • Ok maybe after you end the story. I’ll keep watching for updates to all your stories. As a fan I have read each one at least five times this month alone. I am hooked and like any junkie i can’t wait for my next fix. Thats how addicting your stories are. It was worth every penny for the one year membership. I have also been searching magna sites. Do you recommend any with excellent forced feminization themes?

  7. I love the story of Porn Priness and can’t wait to read the next chapter. To you have any plan of when part 4 will be finished?

    • it’s kinda far down the list. Still working on new chapters of Irresistible, NWTBYG, ILTTTA, IAB, and LOTE

  8. Hey Andi

    I was just wondering. When will you release the new chapters that are now overdue?

    I am eagerly awaiting porn princess 4 thatshouldhave been released a month ago


  9. I have lost yet another muse… gone into a tailspin…. this is the trouble with my anxiety… At times it just totally kicks my ass, sends me into spirals of depression and I can’t write… I’m so sorry.

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