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Never Wanted to be Your Girlfriend
A loosely autobiographical account of how I became who I am.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Porn Princess 
Dan just wanted to get revenge on his asshole boss. If you go on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

Porn Princess – [teaser]


Lesser of Two Evils 
If you are not careful, you will eventually have to make a choice between two horrible fates.

Lesser of Two Evils – [teaser]


Sexy  story of a young man, who just couldn’t resist trying on his Bride-to-be’s wedding dress, and the fate that befalls him for doing so.

Chapter 1


I Am Become…
Twilight Zone-esque, graphic novel type Anthology series, narrated by my alter ego. (If I could draw, this would be a Graphic Novel)

I am Become… [teaser]

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