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Anyone who knows me IRL knows about my obsession with latex clothing. I love, love, LOVE latex! I love the way it feels and looks when it’s shined. It really is like a second skin. You feel even the tiniest amount of touch sensation on your body to the extent that at least for me, the sensation is incredibly heightened. There are 2 materials that do this. One is satin, the other is latex. I love both, but there’s just something about latex that just feels kinda naughty, playful and sexy at the same time. Where as satin is very socially acceptable. You can wear a satin dress to Easter Sunday service. But turn up in a latex dress and they might actually try to burn you at the stake.

For the uninitiated, polishing or oiling your latex is a must. You may think you made a mistake the first time you order a latex item online. Because they come dry, and they essentially look like an inner-tube for a tractor trailer. And it feels funky to the touch. You’ll need to wash it off, cuz most are shipped with a talc powder coating to keep them from sticking to themselves and ruining the finish. After you get it cleaned, you’ll want to oil it inside and out with any recommended oil. I use the same silicon oil that I utilize on my toys. Then it slides on very nicely, and feels utterly amazing. And is so incredibly sexy.

I like this picture of this girl adorned in latex and smiling. So many latex modeling shots are overtly sexualized, I guess with good reason cuz it’s such a sexy material, but it makes me happy to see this because it is the embodiment of how latex makes me feel. And I think it’s sad that a lot of people avoid latex just because of the stigma attached, and the obvious sexual charge.


The downside, is that wearing underwear is mostly not an option, and for girls like me I need to at least wear latex undies otherwise my naughty bits would likely dangle below my skirt line. and then the other negative is that it doesn’t breathe… at all. I guess the best word to describe the sensation one feels on the other end of any kind of physical or sexual exertion while wearing latex is…. swampy.  But it is worth it. I usually shower with mine on at the end of the night, and then peel it all off, and wash it and myself. Latex can be as much fun to take off as it is to put on and wear.

For more info and tips on latex this is a great resource. And if you are finding latex to be too expensive, then don’t shop the couture stores. I’ve found really great bargains on ebay. Sharon Sloane makes a line of inexpensive latex clothes that is a good starter for anyone looking for a minimal investment in what could turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made. Just search Ebay, Amazon, etc for Sharon Sloane Latex.

My current otaku-crush is this little latex goddess. Ausrie Felicity. Her designs are amazing, and she’s drop dead gorgeous.








  1. I love the smell of some peoples clean sweat and body scent. Think you should have a little spigot on that collects it all a bottle and you could just FedEx it to me. I would carry it around and have a sniff of it when I feel the need. : ), Seriously I think a beautiful girl in latex is incredibly sexy.

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your erotica. Nicely written and very entertaining . Thank you so much for filling my head with these wonderful images.
    Much Love

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