A Perfect Pile of Poop


So… over the past 6 months the boyfriend and I have decided that I’m fucking crazy, and maybe we should take another break from each other… so I’ve been getting my life together, finding a new place, and a new job, moving out, and haven’t had time to write. My apologies for the lull in hot stories, but the BF was kinda my muse, and now I’m just depressed all the time. I will try to update your favorite tales soon.  In the meantime, everyone always asks if the girl in the blue wig on the right over there is me. The answer is “no”, that is a picture of the amazing Tifa – a gorgeous model as well as a truly gifted hair and makeup artist you can see her work here on deviantart.  She makes me hurt inside cuz I wish I was this pretty, and I marvel at how she just seems to transform with each look. She’s my favorite unicorn.

Wish I had more to tell you, but instead Imma go get hammered and try not to dwell so much on my life falling apart.



sigh Tifa, marry me and make me your slave.




  1. Hun,

    Dont let yourself get down about your love life, things tend to work out one way or the other when you keep your head up and keep on going (believe me I know!). Just think positive, pour your heart into your writing and maybe smoke a little weed when your feeling down lol. I know that so many people enjoy your site and everything you put out there. I personally love your crazy dirty mind and anyone who doesn’t see how sexy and amazing you are isn’t worth making you upset. Relationships can get just as hard as cocks *blushes* and when they both get hard “fuck them” *giggles* chat me up online sometime if you need someone to talk to at all. Love you :)

  2. Dear Andi,
    I feel the same way in some parts.I love your mind,your lips,wow.Your eyes even more wow! Don’t feel like you have to write stories for the masses sometimes,do it for you.I know those deep dark places sometimes reel you in and make you feel like you are drowning.I’ve been there and sometimes continue to go there,even when I don’t want to or see it.And convincing my family or friends that I am not the man they see before them but I am me and want to be me and yearn for it soooo badly that I feel like screaming it at them.But I know they won’t understand me or see me as I want.I’ve cried sooo many times I buy boxes of tissues,not 1 or 2 but 10.You’ve been through hell and you hurt.I can only say I understand some of your pain and you’ve changed me.Am shaking right now so badly typing is tough.I too am bi-polar and medicated and I used to scream at people for no reason.Now I am sedate and haven’t yelled at anyone in years.Except at myself.I love everything you write even the tough stuff.Please if you ever need to contact anyone or email or chit chat with anyone,please let it be me.Understanding some of the pain can only help if you want it to.Gawd depression sucks doesn’t it!

    • idk what you’re looking at but there are no pictures of me on this site. As for my bipolar…. it’s a beast

  3. Andi,
    hell am soo horny and hungry give me there email addresses and names I don’t want to be me anymore,please..

  4. but your favorite thing to do is have someone say to you ” force feminize me”…you said in one of your articles did you not…

  5. Hello Andi,
    You said in one of your articles that your 3 favorite words were “force feminize me”..And that you would want to do so to me or to whomever said it to you.Am I wrong here or was that what you said to the former 2 men who did it to you?I just would like to clarify this so I understand it.And those 2 men were?

    • Nope. Never said or written that. you must be transposing something someone else siad onto me… it’s not my thing… I’m just a writer.

  6. also you said and I am quoting you..read til the end..
    I’m Andi – a nerdy T-girl from Los Angeles, California, and I’m obsessed!
    I’m otaku for Manga, Cosplay, and especially Erotica. More to the point, I’m obsessed with a very small subset of the erotica universe called FORCED FEMINIZATION. I devour any, and all, Forced Femme FAP Captions, Illustrated Stories, and Written Erotica. I love Sissies, Trannies, Fem Boi’s, Closet Cases; you name it. If you fantasize about being forced to dress like a girl, or being turned into one, then I LOVE YOU and your twisted little mind! I feel like we’re all magical little unicorns trying to find our place in a world that believes we’ve gone extinct… or worse yet, that we are a myth.

    I’m here to make you all feel loved and accepted. But most of all I want you to feel sexy. Cuz that’s what you are! So I’ve decided to make a place that expresses my obsessions in the hope that they will inspire you… as well as turn you on.

    Otaku is a Japanese word which relates to obsession: usually with something like cosplay, anime, or video games. My obsession is turning boys into girls.
    So your obsession is not what you said or you were just transposing it from someone else?

    • Your reading comprehension could use some work. None of that. NONE OF IT equates to what you kept repeating…. and like I said (repeatedly)… my obsession is confined to the written word. If you read what’s written, as is, without superimposing your own desires onto them, and take them at face value, then my intentions, passions, and obsessions become clear – they all lie in the world of fantasy, not reality. I’m tired of repeating myself.

      You said, (since we’re pasting quotes now) – “but your favorite thing to do is have someone say to you ” force feminize me”…you said in one of your articles did you not…” NOPE… NOPE NOPE.

      Everything you pasted from my writing is so far afield of what you have inferred my meaning to be, that I’m literally dumbfounded. Or I was, until I realized, you’ve lived with male privilege for so long now that you’re used to superimposing your desires onto a situation, and attempting to impose your will on women and utterly ignoring them when they tell you something that doesn’t conform with what you want to believe. Typical behavior for males who feel impotent and powerless. You’re not the first man to come here and attempt to ignore me when I say “no.” You’re not even the 1000th. So I’ve had years of experience dealing with this. And I’m not a dumb teenager or early 20 something anymore. I’m approaching 30, my prefrontal cortex is now fully formed, and so unlike when I was younger, I possess the ability to simply tell people to just fuck off when they become unbearable.

      And the really great thing about how this site is set up is, that I don’t have to do anything to block you. Everyone is blocked by default. Every comment requires approval. So, keep it up. Keep telling me what I mean, rather than what I’ve told you repeatedly that I mean, and see how far that gets you. It takes no effort at all to ignore you.

      So in summation: Yes, my obsession IS turning boys into girls… on paper… as I have made clear, repeatedly. But by all means keep ignoring what I have to say.

  7. Andi,
    Look I am very sorry if what I said made you feel like I was attacking you I wasn’t.I have been dressing since I was 10,when I borrowed my sister’s training bra and matching panty.And fell in love with women’s clothing that very second.I am truly sorry if I offended you or said or did anything to make you upset with me.That was not my intention at all.I just agreed with alot of what you said and it reminded me of my past with the not so very nice people of this world.I went through not quite as bad as what happened to you but it was to the extreme with me and I didn’t know any better at that time.I didn’t know about ssc and the early stages of bdsm and female Dommes.I was fed female hormones in my meals and I took pills that I thought were vitamins.So my body changed and this was over a 3 year period,not quite as long as what happened to you or the extent to what happened to you.But what happened to me was that I was used and abused for money and for entertainment with others. But I was hoping you would at least understand what I went through and not judge me as you seem to think I have with you.I’m not a bad person nor am I attacking or judging you.I was about your age when it happened to me but I never left that house I was kept in,ever.I escaped on my own and got the police involved,which got me into alot of trouble but they caught the woman who did this to me and she went away for 11 years.I changed my name,where I lived,But still have the scars on me feeling like I wasn’t worth anything to anyone.It’s taken a long time for me to set that side of my life aside and not think about it 24/7.I know you probably won’t believe me but I know what true depression is,bi-polar too.And even though the pills help me I still hear a noise or see something that brings me back to that time in my life where no one could find me,no one knew where I was,and I truly felt alone and unwanted by my family and friends.They and I eventually found each other but no one understood then nor do they now. I don’t expect you to understand my side of life. Please I just thought what I read was something else with you.I know what it’s like to be bound helpless and abused,used,and forced to perform for a Dominant Female.You said you had your starting experience with a man or more afterwards.I cannot begin to understand everything that happened to you,and where you are now.But please don’t throw me away like I felt those years ago,am not sure I can take it right now.I am sorry for what I posted to you.Please forgive me?

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