I’m Andi – a nerdy T-girl from Los Angeles, California, and I’m obsessed!  

I’m otaku for Manga, Cosplay, and especially Erotica. More to the point, I’m obsessed with a very small subset of the erotica universe called FORCED FEMINIZATION. I devour any, and all, Forced Femme FAP Captions, Illustrated Stories, and Written Erotica. I love Sissies, Trannies, Fem Boi’s, Closet Cases; you name it.  If you fantasize about being forced to dress like a girl, or being turned into one, then I LOVE YOU and your twisted little mind! I feel like we’re all magical little unicorns trying to find our place in a world that believes we’ve gone extinct… or worse yet, that we are a myth.

I’m here to make you all feel loved and accepted. But most of all I want you to feel sexy. Cuz that’s what you are! So I’ve decided to make a place that expresses my obsessions in the hope that they will inspire you… as well as turn you on.



  1. I used to fantasize about it all the time, and I mean All. The. Time. Then I met my current beau, and well.. each day I come one step closer to being Meghan in truth, not just in idea. All at his insistence. So I guess I am kinda ‘forced’ but.. can you really force someone to do what they really wanted to do in the first place? 😉

  2. Meghan, I hope it works out for you. I remember your story from the email you sent, and felt so sad for you. And yet grateful for what I have. You deserve to be as happy as I am, GF!!! Saeko would want it that way….lol

  3. Andi, you are a beacon. You produce quality work in a niche that doesn’t necessarily require it. Just signed up for a subscription. Thank you so much. Maybe I’ll be able to get your opinion when I finish the erotica piece I’m working on. Either way, cheers, babe.

  4. Well thanks. I was really needing someone to call me sexy for … this stuff, right now. I appreciate it.

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