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So a dear friend of mine started her transition recently, and has been going to the LGBT Center of Los Angeles for her care and just raved about it. So I thought I’d pay them a visit. I set up an appointment which was for today, and I am completely blown away. I wish I had known about this place when I started my transition. They have the most amazing staff of super friendly people, and a full-on Transgender clinic that has doctors and admin staff specifically trained in all trans issues, an in-house lab, and a pharmacy. They are aware of things my doctors were completely clueless about. All they do all day everyday is treat the transgendered, and if like me you don’t have insurance and you qualify for financial assistance your hormones, therapy, and treatment are world class and insanely affordable. I also found out about a whole host of breakthroughs on many fronts that apply to the trans community, including free testing for HIV and other STDs – and I got my HIV results back in 20 minutes. (Negative, thank god.) But that brings me to my next awesome discovery.

Healthvana. As far as using technology to make it easier to get tested for HIV and STDs, and then being able to receive and/or share your results in a quick and easy manner, Healthvana is just insanely awesome. Basically it makes being safe and staying safe super simple. Sign up, put the app on your phone, get tested at a Healthvana participating clinic (The app will help you find one), get the results discretely on your phone via the app. Now you can at least have an idea whether or not your partner is clean without having to wait for a results sheet in the mail. As soon as your results are in. You have them and can prove that at least at the time of the test you were clean just by logging into the app and showing them on your phone.

It’s not by any means bulletproof, but as far as potential partners resisting because of a hassle finding a test site, or discretion, or whatever, this makes it super convenient. No excuses to not get tested. Sign up here and then get the app.


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Also found out about PrEP which is essentially a vaccine against HIV, (99% effective), that is at least worth making people aware of.





  1. Such a great idea. There has been no such support for Trans people ever before, and has that led to incredible misery. My love to Andi and her transitioning friend…❤️ tlitlitzin

  2. Hi Andi, I can also tell you how incredibly kind and helpful they have been to me , an older person who just started HRT a month ago, in beginning stages of transition. Could be more than a little awkward and intimidating, but they were truly wonderful. By the way, you are a very talented, LOVE your writing

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